Perth, Melbourne, Thailand, Singapore

Driving to Perth then flying to Melbourne for a week. Then onto Thailand for my brother’s wedding (I hope the protests don’t escalate). Holidaying in Singapore after that. Finally, back to Albany via Perth.

It’s going to be a busy month.

Possibly all soon followed by a trip back to Perth (for a Let’s Make Games event and hanging with Simon before he heads to the US) and a trip to China. Yay travel… although I dislike flying.

I should get packing… and cleaning (for our house sitter).

One thought on “Perth, Melbourne, Thailand, Singapore”

  1. I, too, dislike flying.

    If you have time to catch up before/after flying in and out of Perth holler.
    Otherwise, yea… Will defo have to catch you before I cruise. Looking at around 7th June for my departure.

    Enjoy your holidaying! And give the newlyweds my congratulations 🙂

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