I’ve been writing notes for a 2010 retrospective, but it’s all getting a bit too much.

A lot happened, and only some of it was mentioned on this blog. While I continue to reflect on what to write about 2010, I’ve decided to post a more light-hearted retrospective.

Here’s the current state of my hair:

I shaved it short because it’s getting crazy hot here in Perth, and I hate long hair on a hot day. Anyhow, keep reading to see how my hair changed in 2010.

From February 2010, I spend six months in Albany. It was nice and cool and near hippies. So it represented an opportunity for me to grow some crazy feral hair:

It got pretty long pretty quickly (from a short crop to this in around 9 months), so I started tying it back. Look at them curls straighten out!:

Unfortunately, tying it back all the time reeked of effort. Moreover, it was a bit too thick (and warm) with spring approaching (especially considering our impending return to warmer climes in Perth).

I figured rather than cut it short right away, I would try something different. I looked up self-hair-cutting videos and crazy jrock hairstyles online, resulting in:

I was pretty proud of trying this haircut because it was bold and I did it myself! (Although Heidi tidied up the back when she got home.) It was also totally rockin’ and pretty ridiculous – which both appealed to me immensely.

From a practical perspective, it was a pretty bad haircut. It required blow-drying, or straightening, or heaps of product – and I’m a pretty lazy person. I cut the mullet off after a while, and then shaved the sides. So it looked even crazier than it did originally! (Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures.)

I eventually cut the top short to match, and the result was decidedly normal. Coincidentally, this was just in time for a fancy dinner with doctors:

Although normal and pretty short, that haircut was still warmish (during 40 degree days) and still required some (albeit minimal) maintenance work (I had to comb it down in the mornings, sometimes using product).

So I then went for a proper “number 1” buzz-cut, which I’m sporting now. 🙂