It’s lonely being alive (game)

I made a game for Global Game Jam. Check it out at:

Here’s a teaser image:

And some text from the game opening:

After sucking the life out of our planet to fuel our consumption… we left in the hope that we could find life elsewhere.

We wanted to keep living (in the manner to which we had become accustomed).

Life in a luxury capsule isn’t so bad… right?

More details are included on the game page on the Global Game Jam website. (I think that you can vote for me and stuff there…)

Update: Oh, I should mention that it works in Chrome/Chromium, Safari, and (kinda in) Firefox. Performance is best in Chrome/Chromium.

Update: Fixed the embed over at the Global Game Jam site, and changed linked above to point there (click on the “play” link on the linked page).

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