Although completely unrelated to the recent onetwenty downtime, I’ve had fairly intermittent internet access since my last post.

Most of the problems have been with the telephone line itself. We’ve had quite a bit of crosstalk and the ADSL has been unable to synchronise. I called amcom and (after waiting on hold for 20 minutes) spoke to someone who clearly knew their stuff and was very helpful.

We found that phone calls made with our landline came up with caller ID from some unknown number, so we called Telstra and they sent someone over. After they fixed that problem, the crosstalk remained and they sent somone over again.

It all seems to be working now and I’ve pretty happy with the service from Telstra and very happy with amcom. They even called back today to confirm that our problems are resolved, and the 8Mb/1Mb connection with static IP at no extra charge is great! It’s definitely much better than our previous experience with iiNet and Telstra.