Hot! Hot! Hot!

It’s been uncomfortably hot the last few days, but most people I know work in an air-conditioned office (or have air-conditioning at home) and can’t really empathise. Well, damn you all!

We’re waiting on a an air-conditioning unit we bought on eBay and it’s taking its sweet time getting here. The eBay page was fairly informative, but I poked around the internet searching for more details. That’s when I found this:

Behold the plastic wood-grain! The logical conclusion to any industrial design question! Bask in its magnificence! Needless to say, we immediately contacted the seller to see if we could get it in “Luxourious burlwood”! However, they don’t have that style and it looks like we’ll have to be happy with standard silver.

We’re not quite sure exactly if this sort of cooler works very well, but the specifications look good and we will find out soon enough. Actually not soon enough! We want it now!