Dinosaur Jr

I went to see Dinosaur Jr last night with my sister. I wasn’t really planning on going, but she called me in the morning (when she just found out about it) and was pretty keen. So, I picked up a couple of tickets from 78s and we headed down for Japanese dinner and very loud music.

The reason I was hesitant to go was because it was the original lineup. Now the problem with this is that they would be playing the early songs, and the problem with that is that… I don’t really like these much. They have their moments, but tend to be more… a continuous flow of insane guitar solos and crazy drumming rather than cohesive songs. Something that I would have been more in the mood for in high-school.

Still these guys’ skills are amazing, and it was (as always) quite an experience to witness. At the encore performance they brought out the classic song-like songs like “The Wagon”, “Freakscene”, and their cover of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven”. It was more comforting and less affronting. Speaking of affronting, I’m sure that the audience members without earplugs are sorely regretting it this morning. Even the opening band ended with “I hope you all brought your earplugs!”. Dinosaur Jr play really freaking loud.

All-in-all a good night out (in no small part because I was catching up with my sister). For me (and probably for all the fans screaming “Freakscene!”), the encore was the high point.