PSP redesign revisited

A very slight update to my previous post. I decided to make the console feature identical to the current PSP and got rid of the second analog stick.

I also played around with moving the start and select buttons to between the dpad and four-button-layout, but decided against it. I’m not sure if they are used for music playback control (and should be accessible when the unit is closed)… plus it looked stupid šŸ˜›

Update: Pictures of the back of the unit, and the unit when closed, are in the previous post.

4 thoughts on “PSP redesign revisited”

  1. Yeah, I originally had a 2nd joystick and both were recessed. I took it out because I didn’t think that Sony would want to fragment the market by adding a new feature.

    I like the “lock down” idea though; it would be a good indication that the game does not support that input option. I can imagine a simlar sort of thing for a backwards compatible gameboy with more buttons; it could light up the buttons that can be used.

    Neat stuff, but I wonder if it would be too much money and effort šŸ™

  2. where would you put the disk? i guess it depend how thick it is. not every thing hass to be nice and small. it be ok to make it thick, because people dont always care if the console is thick or not it mostly about the game so you dont have to make it small and thin for us, nintendo and others might consider actually making your designs realiy then eventualy they will make it thin. thats how the ds was if you think about it

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