New server

Tone and I spent a bit of today setting up a new server for some contract work we have lined up for the second half of this year. It’s a fairly old machine (cat /proc/cpuinfo reveals a Pentium 2 300, and cat /proc/meminfo reveals 160 megs of RAM), but it should do the job. We decided to use Ubuntu Server with LAMP and after a few hiccups, everything seems to be working.

I’ve installed WordPress from the source tarball rather than the Ubuntu package. Partly because the latest tarball is version 2.0.3 compared to Ubuntu’s 2.0.2, but mostly because of general negative feedback regarding the WordPress Ubuntu package on various forums. The detailed installation instructions on the WordPress homepage are fairly straight-forward. I used pwgen -s to generate some of the required passwords for MySQL and such.

I still need to setup the domain name, virtual hosting (for seperate client and team areas), and access control. I’d look into that tomorrow and post again.

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