OpenGL ARB and Khronos to merge

There have been a number of interesting news stories on the OpenGL homepage. I think with SIGGRAPH 2006 approaching, everything is coming to a head. The most interesting news is that Khronos Group and the OpenGL ARB are merging. This seems like a fairly natural progression and it will bring related technologies (such as OpenVG, EGL, and COLLADA) under the same banner as OpenGL.

The other interesting bit of news is the first issue of Pipeline, the OpenGL ARB newsletter. The ARB has been fairly quiet for the last… year or so… (their last public meeting notes are from December 2004). It’s good that they are making an effort to inform the wider development community about their… developments; The newsletter point to a GameDev article with a general overview of OpenGL 2.1. This first issue also mentions that it is most likely the last issue (due to the aforementioned merger).