It’s some sort of YouTube in-joke

Jack Danyells has put together a sort of YouTube community tribute music video including a song entitled “We Watch Them All on YouTube” sung to the tune of “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel:

A few of the rhymes and rhythms were a bit of stretch (eg. making Naruto into “Na-ra-yu-to”), but most of the lyrics are gold (eg. “Com-mer-cial for Bra-via, Ron-nie plays har-mon-i-ca”). I’m a little disturbed that I recognise so many of the videos referenced by this video clip. I never thought of myself as such a big YouTube fan… but maybe I am.

Jack clearly put quite a bit of effort into this song and video. I like this sort of participatory internet culture. Back in the late 90’s apathy was all the rage and such efforts would be met with “pffts” and “ur… whatever”s from trendy Generation Xers. In today’s social internet climate he gets praise, respect, and adoration such as this comment from umassbluangel:

you are hot
and this video rocks!

It’s a whole new world and being sullen doesn’t get you anywhere. At least not on YouTube, where emos seem to get panned a lot.

Note: I don’t approve of panning emos, and I really don’t approve of the associated homophobia that seems to frequently come with it.