Weird Al resurgence? (Or just a YouTube-induced illusion)

Is it just me or has Weird Al had a bit of a YouTube driven resurgence of late? I mean, check out how many fan-made music videos there are for his song “You’re Pitiful”. Since YouTube is so big… I’m fairly happy to accept that it is just me. I’m also happy to accept that it’s just perseverance and smart marketing. He’s definitely keeping up with current Internet-based promotion with his own MySpace page and topical music (such as “Don’t Download This Song“).

He has an odd sort of timelessness to him. I remember his songs (parodying Michael Jackson) from when I was in primary school, but he’s still producing new material with current cultural references. In a world where so many people look to “retro” for cool, he picks things out from right now. That, and he still looks very young (he’s 47 this year). It feels like he’ll never go away!

This is from his new album:

And here is something for all the Star Wars geeks out there:

Man, Weird Al is actually a pretty good looking guy without his old signature long curly hair, over-sized glasses, and thin moustache.