A very good Sunday

Catch up on the news. Jump on a bus into town. Pick up breakfast. Play some pool. Eat some yum cha. Go vigorboarding on a nice steady slope. Pick up some bubble tea. Go to the bowling place (but find that they’re completely booked out until the evening). Work on my website. Hang with Heidi. Go for a bike ride into East Perth. Salmon for dinner. Post to my blog. Watch a few short videos. A little bit of contract work. Off to bed.

Plus, the whole day was made that much better due to the great weather and excellent company. Some photos of the day will probably appear on spinboy’s blog at some point. Oh wait, they’re already there!

So, how’d you spend your Sunday? What’s constitutes a good Sunday to you?

4 thoughts on “A very good Sunday”

  1. Won our volleyball quarter-final 3-nil this morning, knocking out the only team we hadn’t beaten this season. That’s definitely a good Sunday for me, though it meant no pool. 🙁

  2. I finished off Xenosaga Episode III which i got from Jock 😀

    I want more but there may never be any more Xenosaga games…

    PS. Would you be willing to post a banner/link for Play Asia(eg. in your importing games guide) tied to my affiliate account to cut down the cost of me importing(although i don’t know if anyone would use it…) 😛

  3. Argh, i forgot to mention last time that Play Asia also gives coupons which you can use to get a discount though, i think they do this for every order, at least my first and previous order came with one($5 US coupon). You can also find coupon codes online and use them if they haven’t been used already.

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