Ramifications of a bad few games of pool…

Sometime last week I posted about my improving pool (8-ball) skills. As it turns out, such claims were a little premature. At this week’s pool outing Mash beat me so resoundedly that I have to proclaim his superiority here.

So here it goes:

I suck at pool. However, my suckiness had no bearing on the outcome of the games I recently played against Mash, herein referred to as The Master of All Pool Table Games (TMAPTG) as any opponent would have met a similar fate.

Then I lost again (for double or nothing!):

I admit my total inferiority to TMAPTG in every conceivable way. For clarification, this admission is not only limited to the game of pool, but applies to every aspect of life including (but not limited to):

  • Mental and physical prowess
  • Wit, charm, and appeal to women

In the case of worldwide nuclear war in which only a handful of people could be saved by living in underground bunkers for 100 years before reclaiming the Earth, TMAPTG should be chosen (over me) to play the important role of repopulating the human race.

Man, I hope I do better next week… I can’t think of any further admissions of defeat to make!

2 thoughts on “Ramifications of a bad few games of pool…”

  1. Man, you guys really put alot on the line over a game of pool. What ever happened to the ‘friendly’? Guess it’s not as exciting when not much is at stake.

    I think if you keep losing Nick, you’ll have to give up your first born or something ^_^

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