Honda’s “Impossible Dream”

I saw this commercial at the cinema before watching Talledega Nights. It was great!

Honda seems to have an excellent advertising team with clear direction under their “The Power of Dreams” motto. Remember the single-shot “Isn’t it nice… when things… just work?” advertisement for Honda Accord?

Two more videos after the jump.

The famous “Cog” commercial (it took over something like 600 takes to get it just right):

The “Choir” commercial (a spiritual successor to the Cog commercial):

One thought on “Honda’s “Impossible Dream””

  1. I must admit I dont really like the Cog commercial. Maybe its a case of over exposure.

    I love “Impossible Dream” though, great stuff. That guy is a legend. How cool is the old racing jumpsuit!

    They have also done a bunch of ads talking about the history of Soichiro Honda and some of his quotes, like “without racing, there is no Honda”, or something to that effect.

    They remind me of the old Yamaha motorcycle ads, which were a bit overdramatic, but stirred the cockles of my motoring heart 🙂

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