Al Gore visting Perth to discuss “An Inconvenient Truth”

Al Gore

Enjoy Perth is reporting that Al Gore will be visting Perth to discuss his film “An Inconvenient Truth” on Friday 17 November at the Octagon Theatre at UWA. Check out their blog post for more details (including booking information).

Image from TheMovieBox.Net.

3 thoughts on “Al Gore visting Perth to discuss “An Inconvenient Truth””

  1. Hey Nick, thanks for the link!

    Also, thanks for the post that I linked to recently! 😀
    I can’t believe there’s good Perth blogs out there that I still haven’t found, even though I search for them regularly! And now I can’t even remember how I found yours, but it was about two or so weeks ago.

    If you and your friends haven’t already, consider listing on

    seeya round!



  2. No worries. I found out about Al Gore’s talk from your blog, so I couldn’t possibly write it about and then not post a link back to your post! 😛

    I just registered on Man, there are a lot of blogs listed there.

  3. Yeah, but it’s seriously not all of them by far!
    Sometimes I feel like just adding people’s blogs myself, but other times I think people should add their own.
    I probably would add others, or email them all to do it, but I can’t find the time! Geez, there’s a lot of events in Perth, lol!

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