Waking up and not knowing who you are

You ever have one of those days when you wake up disoriented, and for a little while you don’t really know where you are? Sometimes in really bad cases (usually after a long night and a weird dream) you might not even know who you are?

This happened to me around a week ago. I got out of bed and went the wrong direction to leave the room. I hit the vanity and looked forward into what I thought was a long corridor. I reached out, and when I touched glass I realised that it was the mirror. So I woke up a bit at that point. For some reason, the next thing that came into my head was:

Man, this would really suck if I were Medusa

I mean, if I made it to the mirror not remembering that I was Medusa… well, I could have looked in the mirror and turned to stone. That said, if I were a Medusa I probably wouldn’t have a mirror in my bedroom. Seriously, that would be pretty stupid.

Even without the mirror, being an early-morning-disoriented Gorgon would also suck. Picture this: You wake up wondering what that hissing noise is. Your eyes slowly focus on snakes, lots of snakes right in front of your face! You try to back away slowly, but they follow you wherever you go! (Being stuck to your head and all that…)

Note: For those that don’t know, a vanity is a dressing table (low table with drawers and a mirror).

10 thoughts on “Waking up and not knowing who you are”

  1. Actually, I think a mirror would be OK, because I’m also a vampire at that time. The caffeine is the life. Leave the blind down or I’ll burn.

    Red light, grey morning. I stumble out of a hole in the ground.

  2. “A man can’t be expected to brush his snakes without a mirror.”

    I *really* hope that isn’t a seedy euphemism that I don’t understand…

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