1UP article on Grasshopper Manufacture Inc.

A number of weeks ago, 1UP posted a feature article on the Japanese videogame development company Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. The article mostly focusses on its president, Goichi Suda. It details how he got into the games industry and later formed the company. It also describes the critical (but mixed) reception that their games have inspired.

1up article on Grasshopper Manufacture Inc.

For those that don’t know, Goichi Suda is a vanguard of the Japanese video games industry and he will be coming to Perth next year to speak at the GO3 Expo. As I have expounded on a number of previous occassions, I’m rather excited about his coming to Perth. Killer 7 really opened my eyes to what a game could be, and I am eagerly waiting for Contact to arrive from Play-Asia.

The article is a good read and perfect for getting yourself pumped up for Goichi Suda’s talk here next year!