Ramady’s Michael Jackson dance lessons

Search for “Michael Jackson dance lessons” on YouTube and you can’t miss Ramady’s video tutorials. Sometimes questionable camerawork and clipping aside, this Parisian dance instructor clearly demonstrates Michael Jackson’s famous moves, breaking them down into steps and running through them slowly before performing them at full speed.

Rather than searching through his YouTube profile, it’s much better to visit his site which has links to his videos nicely arranged by level of difficulty (with a few extras at the end). Most people probably end up at his site looking for a moonwalking tutorial (which is good), but he has a lot of other content (such as his balloon pantomime)

Here’s one of my favourite videos from his site (slow motion dancing to Stranger in Moscow):

Not quite the King of Pop, but pretty close.

Update: BlackGhost pointed out that these YouTube videos were put up by tasbin (not Ramady) and that the website linked above is a tribute page only and not Ramady’s official page. Ramady’s official (French) page is Secrets of Moonwalk. Thanks BlackGhost!

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  1. Where can you buy instructional videos by Ramady? I went to his webpage but there is nothing advertised. I sent an e-mail and someone (Menost) responded and said I could get them through them but that I had to use Moneybookers.com, I went there but still couldn’t find anything. Can you help me out?

  2. I think moneybookers is just a service you could use to transfer money to them. You’ll have to ask them (Menost?) about how to send them money using this service.

    On the official Secrets of Moonwalk site, the store is listed “coming soon”:


    It says “La boutique Secret Of MoonWalk ouvre prochainement ses portes”, which means “the Secret of MoonWalk shop will soon open its doors”.

    Maybe it’s best to just wait until it comes online (?) That said, it seems that all the videos are available online, either on YouTube or from his website:


    So you could just download them all instead.

  3. ifeel sorry for you all guys because you think mj is the only one who is king of pop ..but let me assure you my friends that ihave created my new pop moves on michael jackson’s music ..and iproofed already on so many occasions that ican be the better than mj and the new king of pop ..the problem is with the mony position if ihave a littel mony iwould make my first vedio clip and suriprise the whole world pop fans and dancers ….have a good day brothers

  4. I’m tasbin, the provider of ramady’s videos on Youtube.
    yes im not Ramady. Just a fan of dance.

    Today, they are not more avalaible as i have remove them all.

    You can found his new videos in his personal french website by downloading them.
    Just click on the top on “cours” and choose your level. You may not able to find the sames videos like in youtube as those ones were the first & old ones . They are not more share by Ramady anymore.
    I hope you haved downloaded them in time (the streaming ones) because they will be not more available: tutorial & extras) anymore.

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