Planet OneTwenty

Planet OneTwenty is back up! (At an easy-to-remember address to boot!)

I gave it a bit of a visual overhaul. The CSS is still really messy (and will need a serious clean-up this weekend), but I’m happy with how the page looks (although I’ve only tested it under Firefox). I didn’t want it to look like every other Planet website out there! I’ll get the hackergotchis from Jim tomorrow (so each set of posts should have a little avatar next to it).

Planet OneTwenty

For those that don’t know, Planet OneTwenty is an aggregator for posts from the individual blogs of OneTwenty members and friends. Planet, the software used to run the site, is pretty popular in the geek community.

For those that do know: how do you make Planet use local time rather than UTC?

Update: It looks pretty crappy under Internet Explorer. (Actually… I just fixed this!)

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