Burninated :(

Stupid pots with metal handles. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.


I was using a silicon gripping thing too, but it wasn’t big enough to protect my entire hand. This is going to hurt in the shower tomorrow morning… dammit!

Update: Daily photos after the jump (may be pretty gross).

Update: It looks a little worse today (full of fluid = gross):


Update: Day 3 and it looks even worse:


4 thoughts on “Burninated :(”

  1. Maybe a beach towel just to be extra safe (it’s *got* to be big enough to cover my entire hand!). 🙂

    I’m thinking of just getting rid of this pot. Probably the super-conservative solution to potential future burns… but we’ve got heaps of pots (and all the rest have plastic handles).

  2. Chefs never use plastic handles, they tend to use cast iron as you can put it straight from the stove into the oven.

    My advice is to buy yourself some really high quality kitchen pans, with a decent teflon coating. I’m not sure you can get one from a chef store like QBC on newcastle, but I think places like Myer should have some good stuff.

    You know what I really want, is a decent wok. I want to cook up some spicy prawns stir fry like legendary Iron chef Chinese Chen Kenichi!

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