Apparantly I live in Canada (look-alike found)

Yesterday, Phil sent me an image link via Jabber (our preferred instant messaging system). I clicked on the link and what I saw kinda freaked me out. I asked where the photo was from and he directed me to this user profile page on the Eurasian Nation forums.

Here’s a screengrab of the image on that page:


I’ve shown this image to a few people and this guy apparantly looks just me. From the eurasian look and long hair, down to the aviator sunglasses and the slim-fit green shirt. Spinboy even thought it was me until I mentioned otherwise.

Here is an image of me approximating the above pose. Lighting is different, and the glasses are darker, smaller, and a bit higher up on my nose, but you should get the general idea.


Clearly I think that we look pretty different, but what does everyone else reckon?

17 thoughts on “Apparantly I live in Canada (look-alike found)”

  1. Well that’s more like it!

    Maybe I shouldn’t post things based on Phil, spinboy, and Tone alone… ๐Ÿ˜› Surely a sample set of three friends is big enough to warrant a post though! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. You can lead a guy to his blog page but you can’t make him post.

    You should have dumped the picture up somewhere and seen how long it took everyone to figure out it wasn’t you. Since we all know it isn’t you, it’s not hard to see the differences if you pay close attention. I bring it up as a random curiosity only…

  3. Maybe try it with some friends who aren’t hitting your blog, that would be a good test to see. Again, I thought it was you on first glance while browsing the forums, but looking more closely I saw it wasn’t you, but I found it amusing nonetheless as I know you own sunnies and a green t-shirt just like that…

  4. is he a computer programmer and gamer, with every console on the market and heaps of games neatly stacked in a lockable cabinet in a dedicated room of his home?

  5. Eddie:

    That was back in Sydney! No dedicated room here in Perth, and most of my games are elsewhere… but yes… if true, that would be another similiarity…

  6. Not sure if some of those are even worth owning, like the Pippin, 3DO, Sega CD or the vomit-inducing Virtual Boy. (I actual saw one of those in Japan, the aura of doom was pretty strong… break out that holy water!)

  7. Meh – some of those consoles are no longer ‘on the market’, unless perhaps through ebay.

    I’m enjoying Dead Rising, although the fact that the Xbox360 has crashed ***several times*** ***including during Dead Rising with cool ambient room temperatures*** makes me wonder if it is even possible or worth my while to invest 40-hours of MY time in a record attempt for survival mode. This Microsoft equipment disappoints me.

    At any rate, next time that I think that I see Nick on the street, I’ll have to call his mobile to see if the Nick answers my call…

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