Cheap games (Devil May Cry 4, Prince of Persia)

I picked up Devil May Cry 4 (Xbox360) and Prince of Persia (PS3) on sale at BigW. Pretty good prices (~$30, ~$60); there’s a list of current sales at PALGN).

I’m not sure when I’m going to play them though. It seems that I only really finish casual or download games recently. Prior to PSN and XBLA, I never realised that putting a disc into a console was a barrier to getting around to playing a game… but apparantly it is.

I still haven’t played Valkyria Chronicles or Uncharted. I might talk to Dan to see if he wants to feature any on Teh Learning Curve.

Anyone else having trouble getting into “full” games recently?

2 thoughts on “Cheap games (Devil May Cry 4, Prince of Persia)”

  1. I’m good at starting games, scoping out time commitments then failing to follow up once you realise you’re a percentage into the game, then figure out how many hours you need to finish it and how much you’d need to play to make it a decent session. Only exception is FF games, I go by estimated number of random encounters…

  2. Yeh, it’s taken me more than a year to get through the last 10% of FFXII… and I still haven’t finished !! 🙁

    I find games are easier to start and finish when it involves more than one person. That means mostly multiplayer LANs for me at the mo.

    Co-op and tag teaming on a console game is also great fun. It lessens the burden of having to finish a game all by yourself but it can add the obligation of feeling like you can’t continue the game without them. It could get you passed the task of putting the disc into the console at least 🙂

    Happy gaming.

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