Post-operative care

This is Bruce (our kitten):


He was recently neutered inline with RSPCA recommendations.

Aside from a little drowsiness when we picked him up, he’s been just as energetic as always. We didn’t notice any side-effects until yesterday… when I came home to a putrid odour.

This gets a little gross, so I’m putting the rest of the story after the jump.

I immediately went to clean out the kitty litter in the laundry. Bruce was there looking ashamed. I removed all the stools from the litter tray, but the smell remained.

That’s when I noticed a puddle of liquid feces and then an additional splatter up the laundry wall. It’s like Bruce didn’t know what he’d done, turned around to inspect it, and then had an immediate violent bowel motion in response.

I felt so sorry for Bruce. He’s never had diarrhoea before and he must have been confused.

It gets worse. There were all these little brown paw prints around the laundry. I checked his paws and they looked clean (now) and he wasn’t leaving any more marks on the floor. I’m only recently come to the realisation that he may have licked his paws clean. Gross.

Anyhow, after some cleaning (the laundry and Bruce) it was all fine. There’s no more smell, no more poo, no more fecal paw-prints, and Bruce smells like body wash.

I thought it was all over until (today) Bruce casually vomited something that looked like a wet turd. In all fairness his cat food is brown and mushy, so it could also be described as looking like half-digested cat food… in the shape of a soft gerkin.

I called VetWest to describe the situation and to see if we needed to bring him in. Nope. We just need to fast him for 24 hours and then only feed him dry food for 3 days. Phew.

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