Weekend links

Much like other people, I usually start the day by opening up my feed reader, flicking through headlines and opening up interesting stories in new tabs in my browser. I then peruse the tabs, closing them after I read the stories or if they are too disinteresting.

I leave the interesting tabs open so that I can blog about them. This usually works out pretty well, with just a few tabs to choose something to blog about. However the tabs have been piling up, so I decided to just post a whole bunch of links. Here goes!

I’ll have to post more about Yoshio Ishii in future. Rock, Paper, Shotgun and JayIsGames seem to share a fascination with him. Aside from his games, I’m particularly interested in his motion graphics work which he clearly labels:

This is not a game. In addition, not interactive. This is motion graphics movie. [Yoshio Ishii]

Awesome stuff! (Here are a few examples). I’m sure that there are other people I know who would like this stuff.

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