Drawing random video chat people

I heard that various Internet people use random video chat sites in order to practice their drawing skills (amongst other things.)

Sounded like an alright idea. Let’s give it a go:

Went well enough; the guitar guy was cool. Let’s try some more:

And now (as is the way of almost all Internet memes) I’m bored of it.

I did enjoy the crazies while it lasted though: red ninja, lamb mask, the guy who wanted to do “that face”, guy with a sword, and even the person with cartoon faces drawn on pieces of paper. They really epitomise a characteristic part of the Internet. I’ve also come to appreciate that a lot of kids in the US have bad haircuts.

All-in-all, it was good practise in speed and simple layering. It’s hard to draw fast enough and you need to quickly capture shapes or colours. People need to start seeing something within a few seconds so that they don’t just disconnect and go onto the next person. Most of these were done in 15-45 seconds (using something a little less sophisticated than MS Paint).

Also fun: Asking people what they want you to draw and then drawing a portrait of them when they ask you to draw a dick. Priceless facial expressions ensue… usually followed by laughter and hand waving or fist pumping.