Grooveshark is fantastic.

Basically, it’s a great web-based interface for searching for, organising, and playing music. Definitely try it out (and consider white-listing the site if you use Adblock plugins). For more information on the site’s history, check out the wikipedia article.

Since moving I’ve been transferring my old CD collection to my computer for easy playback. Now I’m wondering if I should even bother. Probably “yes”, since who knows when Grooveshark will pull a or just get shut down… then again, there will probably be another service by then. So maybe “no”.

Freely available streaming music seems to be the future consumers want, and I reckon it’s going to happen (or rather, continue happening). If not on sites like Grooveshark, I can almost always find a song I want to listen to on YouTube or on the band’s myspace page.

So here’s to a future of less stuff (physical media), and more convenience, choice, and variety. Support your favourite bands by going to their gigs, buying their merch, and telling your friends. Do things rather than own things. Have fun.