I will draw u 2

So I briefly went back to drawing random people on video chat. I thought that I was bored of it… but then I realised that I hadn’t made an animated .gif yet!

So here we go:

Writing “I WILL DRAW U” and then drawing over the top was probably a good idea, since the text was easier to read and people didn’t just skip by so quickly. It also adds some continuity to the animation.

I tried drawing faster than usual (10-15 seconds or so), so I didn’t use any shading or colour in these images… maybe I should have. I also caught the cursor in a lot of the screen captures. Hah!

The guy with the gun freaked me out initially. After pulling it (the gun) out for the drawing, he was all “so r u a girl?”… I guess that he’s probably just some guy portraying what he wants and looking for action online. No shortage of them.