As Simon correctly noted on Facebook, the app that I used to draw this picture is called Harmony by the amazing Mr. Doob.

I’ve made a few more. I love the look Harmony’s nearest neighbour stuff gives, but I have yet to really master it (although I have just ventured into colour). Finely detailed areas (such as eyes) are particularly difficult.

As always, click on the images for full-size versions (images below are only small sections of the originals):

Black and white is nice and all, but now for some colour! (I previously made a few other colour images, but they didn’t turn out so well…):

I like the sketchiness that Harmony gives. There’s no undo, but the lines are so thin that it’s more an exercise in either: getting it right (or close enough) the first time, or slowly accentuating what you would like to present.

It kinda matches the style of pencil drawings that I have been doing recently (when I watch online videos, like this – pretty bad – interview with Paul Krassner):

I’ll keep playing around with Harmony, but I want to work in colour a little more… but with nice gradients. Maybe I’ll have a look at the source code. More likely, I’ll just export a grey-scale image and then colourise in GIMP.

Update: Adding one more. Different approach.

I found that a good way to work is to start sketching in a light grey and then sketch over areas with increasingly dark greys (until hitting black).

3 thoughts on “Harmony”

  1. I’ve got a cool photo that I’d love for you to do in that style so I can make it into a big print. I’ll send it down with Dad for you to check out.

  2. Simon:

    After a little while, I’m not so hot on the portraits (kinda like when you get an album for one song, but after a while you don’t like that song as much as other songs).

    I like picture of Mao the most. I think it has a depth and ephemeral quality that the other images don’t; it’s like smoke.

    But yeah… considering something like this for exhibition. It feels different enough to the previous exhibitions. 😉


    Okay. I’ll give it a go.

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