Hitler v. Apple

The Hitler-finds-out meme is getting old, but it’s still a great mechanism for humorously communicating insight into topical issues when done well.

Case in point, here’s one about Apple’s amazing assertions that it can dictate not only what people make, but how they make it:

What next? An Apple user agreement that states that you must wear designer clothes while using your iPad?

In related news, I’d recommend not buying an iPad. Aside from issues of media and software freedom, there will surely be a flood of cheap Linux, Android, Chrome, and Windows 7 alternatives coming out later in the year (like this one). Just like netbooks: Don’t buy the first lot that come out; wait until they have nice screens, stable software, good battery life and are available at Coles for $399 (review here).

(via Reddit)

Update: Wow. There a lot of link spam in that last paragraph.