It was Heidi’s birthday last week and the present from one of her sisters was a pair of tickets to Eurobeat.

We went last night and it was really enjoyable. Although I think Heidi enjoyed it much more than I did. She’s really into Eurovision and Musicals… and this was sort of a combination of the two.

Conclusion: Recommended.

Read the rest of this post for a rundown of how the show goes.


Here’s a very quick rundown. The show’s a parody of the Eurovision song contest, complete with enthusiastic presenters, cheesy performances, and voting. The presenters were Julia Zemiro (whom you may have seen hosting Rockwiz) and Jason Gear (whom you may remember from Micallef Tonight). There were 12 countries represented with styles ranging from operatic to post modern (Liechtenstein, my favorite!). Each audience member adopts the country name stuck to the back of the seat in front of them (we were Sweden), and has to cheer for them. When it comes to the vote you can assign points to any country but your own. After a brief intermission, the vote counting begins and the winning country re-performs their winning act.