Birthday wrap-up

I had a great birthday the other day. Heidi took the day off work, the weather was great, I ate more than my fill of Mexican food, and I got some neat bicycle stuff including a trip computer and an aerocool cycling shirt.

I really like the trip computer. It’s a small device that acts as a speedometer and odometer for a bicycle. It’s consists of three parts: a magnet, a sensor, and a (removable) display (with mount). You place the sensor on one of the front forks of the bike and attach the magnet to a spoke of the front wheel (so that it passes by the sensor when the wheel rotates). After you input the size of wheel, the computer can calculate how fast and how far you have travelled by using very simple maths. It’s great! I now know that my morning bike ride is around 11km.

The aerocool cycling shirt is my first real piece of cycling clothing, and I’m beginning to understand why so many amateur cyclists go for this sort of gear. It’s really does “pull the sweat” away and keep you dryer and cooler than a normal (cotton or polycotton) shirt. I’m not sure if I’m quite ready to go for the lyra leggings… but I’m not ruling anything out!

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