Some of you may have noticed the new “Affiliates” link at the top of the page. I figured that I have a number of places that I usually recommend (genuinely) so I may as well sign up to their affiliate programs in case anyone actually buys stuff from them after reading about them on my site.

I don’t want advertising all over this blog, so I decided to isolate all the links on one page (that people can easily ignore). Any money I make from these affiliate programs will be fed back into this site, OneTwenty, and various other non-profit projects I’m working on. That’s not selling out… right?

4 thoughts on “Affiliates”

  1. I know. Well put it this way, all proceeds will go towards helping/hindering a postgraduate student. Hindering in the sense that there’d be distractions like games 😛

    Anyway it’s just a joke(you didn’t say anything the first time i brought it up and it seemed more fitting to joke about it here), as i don’t see really see myself importing much more in the future(eg. i think PS3 is region free, or at least games can be released as region free) and can’t even withdraw any money made from that stuff. I doubt anyway would use it anyway, i posted the link on an anime forum and only got one sale and that was just for a cheap phone strap or something so i ended up getting less than a dollar lol.

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