What part of “ding ding” don’t you understand?

A while ago, Danno told me about CafePress. It’s a site that lets you design prints for basic clothing and novelty items which they sell for you (giving you a cut of the profit). He used them to make some t-shirts featuring the lovable slimes from his slime volleyball games. I thought about making some designs, but never really got around to it because I never thought of anything suitably lame or cool enough to put on merchandise.

Then it struck me. When cycling around the river I sometimes come across pedestrians who walk side-by-side on the dual-use (walking and cycling) path. That irritates me a little, but they usually get out of the way when you ding your bell or yell out “bike!”. However, sometimes they just stay there and completely ignore you. It’s a dual-use, two-way path! At least move to one side so that cyclists can overtake you!

What part of "ding ding" don't you understand?

I wanted some way to vent my anger without having to resort to flipping the bird. So I came up with the above t-shirt design and created a store called Angry Cyclist on CafePress. Let’s hope these babies sell like hotcakes. Even if I only sell one or two, I’d be happy just thinking about the looks on some stubborn pedestrians’ faces as someone rides past wearing one of these!

2 thoughts on “What part of “ding ding” don’t you understand?”

  1. Shame that Cafe Press don’t print on lycra cycling tops! You’d sell heaps if they did. Just hope that you don’t ride past an Italian family and they send the mafia after you.

    I was tempted to make up one of those shirts to wear when I go for a run saying “I am a bomb technician… if you see me running, try to keep up!” I suspect that it wouldn’t go down all that well these days though…

  2. Yeah, I didn’t even know that “ding” could be considered a racial slur. Tone pointed it out and I changed it to “ding ding”… maybe “bing” or “ring ring” would be better… but my bike makes a “ding” noise dammit!

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