Awesome Video Games, Video Games Awesome

I came across Awesome Video Games a couple of weeks ago via Destructoid. It’s a sort of Bill-And-Ted or Wayne’s World style show with a couple of “dudes” doing retro reviews of NES videogames.

It’s pretty funny and I love the mindless old-school theme song (obviously all done in a robot voice with 8-bit music):

Awesome video games, beep beep bop boop ba beep, video games awesome.

There are quite a lot of videogame and retro themed shows coming out under the banner of I have found their offerings to be a bit of a mixed bag overall, but there are some real pearlers in there. (Some episodes of GameJew are suprisingly good!) The production values are a lot higher than standard YouTube fare and it really helps set their videos apart.

Update: Episode 2 and episode 3 of Awesome Video Games are much better than episode 1 (embedded above).