Official report on IGDA Perth’s second meeting

A few days ago I posted my writeup on the IGDA Perth Chapter social night. The official summary is now online and it includes pictures (yay!). It’s more detailed than my writeup and (obviously) not from my subjective perspective.

In related news, I’ve been accepted onto the IGDA Perth Chapter working committee as a representative for OneTwenty. I look forward to helping out in any way that I can. Here’s a picture of us (OneTwenty) at the IGDA social night:

OneTwenty at the IGDA social night

Thanks to Martin for the photo!

8 thoughts on “Official report on IGDA Perth’s second meeting”

  1. Ok, this is my chance to ask what OneTwenty is, besides a blog network! (have been meaning to ask for ages!).
    Are you just a group of friends into games development and other ‘stuff’, or is it a more professional collection of people, like a business or a association?
    It’s not all that important, I’m just a curious person!
    And as a side note, I know nothing about gaming(don’t even play games myself!), but it’s good to hear that there’s stuff happening in Perth with this!



  2. Hi Simone,

    OneTwenty is just a social group consisting primarily of previous members of the (now defunct) 60Hz Real-time Rendering Group. We are individually very active in research and development (particularly 3D graphics).

    We’ve been fairly informal thus far, but hope to become more organised and proactive in future to support the non-profit and commercial ventures of our members. We are also planning to expand to include new members and hope to run various websites and events. (Maybe even some events that might rate mention on EnjoyPerth!)

    So that’s us… in a nutshell. 😀

  3. Cool, thanks!

    Good luck with setting it up!

    It’s so hard deciding where I’m going with Enjoy Perth, and what to write about, and what not! There’s so much stuff, and I can’t keep up with it all, so I stick to the ‘major’ stuf!

    But I think I really need to do a post about the G03 thing soon, it seems like a pretty major event, even for the ‘general public’.

  4. Notes for those not in the know.

    “Hey… Ask me about my thesis! Bring it!” is a reference to Jason’s shirt in the photo (it reads “Don’t ask me about my thesis”).

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