My Wii preorder

I decided to preorder my Wii with Game Traders Carillion City. They don’t have advertised preorder packages, but are happy to put together a deal for anyone who asks. I knew exactly what I wanted and have looked around on the web (mostly using Vooks Wii preorder guide and the PALGN forums) trying to determine the cheapest way to get it.

The problem with a lot of preorder deals is that they offer all this crap that I don’t want. Toy ‘R Us gives you Open Season for free. Do I care? Myer gives you GT Pro Series if you are a member of their (information collecting) loyalty scheme and a bunch of coupons that probably only apply to games I don’t want. JB Hifi offers poor service and novelty sports gear (no thanks). The list goes on.

Anyhow, I worked out the full price that I would be paying for what I was after and Myer looked to be the best deal if the coupons applied. Here’s a snippet from the notes I have been keeping:


$399.95 Wii Console (with Wii Sports)
$ 0.00 GT Pro Series with Wheel (for Myer One members *if* I sign up)
$159.92 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess + Red Steel (20% off *if* coupon applies)
$ 64.95 Wii Play Bundle (with Wii remote, $15 off *if* coupon applies)
$ 14.95 Nunchuk Controller ($15 off *if* coupon applies)


$399.00 Wii Console (with Wii Sports)
$ 79.95 Wii Play Bundle (with Wii remote)
$ 29.95 Wii Nunchuk Controller
$ 99.95 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
$ 99.95 Red Steel

This is the deal that I got from Gametraders (and all I had to do was ask):

  • Wii Console (with Wii sports): $369.95
  • Wii Play Bundle (with Wii remote): $ 69.95
  • Wii Nunchuk Controller: $ 29.95
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: $ 79.95

That’s a total price of $549.8! It’s not the same order as I was planning, but after reading some bad reviews for Red Steel I tentatively removed if from my “must buy” list. However, even with Red Steel included Gametraders would be $10.05 less than Myers (assuming that the Myers coupons would apply). Bottom line: it’s a good deal.

I’m just glad knowing that everything I want will be ready and waiting for me on launch day!

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  1. Do it! We can meet there at 9am on launch day! 🙂

    I paid $50 deposit, but I think it was optional (because Dharmesh said “Do you want to put any money down now?”)

  2. Damn that is a really good deal but i’m still undecided on the Wii on the fear that it’ll just be short lasting gimmick (to me anyway). Still GameTraders seems like a good place to shop, a shame that the closest one is in Burwood(the other store in NSW is in Nowra)

    P.S. I don’t know if it’s just me, but i find it kinda odd how the title on my browser says “My Wii preorder at Nick”. A minor issue, but still…

  3. Just contacted local Gametraders (Moonee Ponds).

    This is their deal:
    $550 for Wii Wii Sports, game of your choice, Wii Remote Nunchuck and a Bag with discount vouchers.

    There are 5 vouchers
    10% off New Games X2
    50% off Pre Played Games X2
    20% off Accessories X1

  4. Hey

    Can you give us the contact details for Gametraders in Carillion City. I have been trying to buy a Wii from there but I cannot find their contact details, and I cant get there before thursday


  5. Hi Owen,

    The contact details are on their website, but I’ve also included them below for easy reference:

    GameTraders Carillon City
    Shop 51 Carillon City Arcade
    207 Murray Street
    Western Australia 6107

    Phone 08 9485 0020
    Fax 08 9485 0025

    I visited GameTraders today and they said that their Wiis have been shipped, but by road so they don’t know exactly when they will arrive (!?!)

    If you have a Target nearby, the deals listed in their latest catalogue are comparable.

  6. Myer’s final pricing is out….
    wii = 399
    wii play = 69 (-15 coupon)
    Zedla = 79 (-15 coupon)
    Nunchuk at myer = 50 (which is carzy, so get it at target or something)
    Nunchuk at target = 30

    so, if i get everything at myer except the nunchuk at target, the total price is 547 which is 2.8 cheaper, and still get heaps of coupons left

    price at myer: Catalogue_files/Page17.jpg

  7. Maxie:

    Total with the nunchuk purchased for $29.95 at Target is $577:

    wii $399.00
    wii play $ 69.00
    zelda $ 79.00
    nunchuk $ 29.95
    total $576.95

    That’s $27.15 more than Gametraders.

    In general, Target has better prices than Myers:

    wii $389.95
    wii play $ 64.95
    zelda $ 79.95 (cheaper at Myers)
    nunchuk $ 29.95
    total $564.80

    That’s only $15 more than Gametraders.

    I guess it depends if you will use the Myers discount coupons. I hear that there is a $20 off a DS Lite coupon which might be worthwhile for some people.

    Picking up my Wii tomorrow morning… Yay! 😀

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