Australian Interzone Futebol website live!

The Australian Interzone Futebol website is now live and the first announcement is that a local Closed Beta is just about to start.


Having been part of managing Interzone‘s development studio for around 18 months, I’ve know what’s gone into making this game and what the entire process has meant for so many local game developers here in Perth.

I also know that the game is much further along that one might usually expect when they see the term “Closed Beta”. Far beyond the game being stable and playable, there are heaps of features that you won’t find in any other online soccer game.

By participating in this Closed Beta, not only you will be one the first people who gets to play the latest and greatest version of this game, but you will also be supporting the Perth games industry. So be sure to sign up!

Here’s a gameplay trailer from the Interzone Futebol YouTube channel.

Every player on the pitch is a real person. How awesome is that!? Anyhow, enough plugging…

You can stay up-to-date on the Closed Beta by subscribing to the blog feed or following Interzone Games on twitter.

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  1. I actually saw a note about it on Joseph’s blog and decided to upstage his note with an entire post :P. Not really. Although I did realize the full site was up after reading Joseph’s blog.

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