RockVomit revisited

With a little more time to work on personal projects, I’m revisting unfinished projects from the previous year. First on the list is RockVomit, which is a game that I was working on with Simon and Jim for last November’s Game Jam.

Here are some screenshots of a flash prototype I put together:



Aesthetically, RockVomit started as a very different game, but the basic premise of the game is unchanged: you listen to music and create a dance. You can then show this dance off to other people, and they can dance along.

To me, the game is meant as a sort of response to modern music games that make you perform something predetermined (hit the right note at the right time). I wanted to create something that allows you to be the choreographer, rather than just a technical dancer.

Mad props to Simon for the awesome art and post-golf discussions that led to a this fantastic representation of a rather basic concept! Hopefully we can look forward to more dancers soon! 😉