Fresh herring

Heidi noticed this advertisement in the local newspaper:

Hmmm… I imagine that $2 a kilogram is a pretty good price. 🙂

We picked up two 1kg bags. Here’s what one looked like:

So we have a lot of fish (and Heidi’s vegetarian). I guess that I’ll have to freeze some. Do I have to do anything to them first?

For now I’m going to try out basic pan-fried (or grilled) fish (with salt or soy). Perfect with rice and soup for lunch or breakfast!

2 thoughts on “Fresh herring”

  1. damn i love herring

    but being so fatty, they’re ideal to preserve in brine or to pickle. i wouldn’t freeze them.

  2. I love my fish wrapped in foil with some herbs and lemon… Not sure about herring though, as I haven’t eaten it much. My family aren’t big fish eaters and when I get some for myself it’s usually trout.

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