Pork balls and wontons

Hmmm. I have some organic pork mince from the farmers’ market. What to make?

Mix in some chopped water chestnut, an egg, herbs from the garden (chives, coriander, and mint), and then add some Maggi sauce and white pepper:

Now that would be perfect in jok or khao tom (Thai rice porridge and rice soup variations). Let’s cook up some wet rice with chicken stock:

Bring it to boil, form the pork mix into balls, and add them in the mix.

Scoop some into a bowl; add some deep-fried shallots, preserved bamboo shoots in chilli oil, soy sauce, chilli sauce; and have some breakfast:

Tasty stuff! (Especially the bamboo shoots. Thanks Minh!)

But what to do with the left-over pork mix? Wontons and Dim Sims!

Cut up some carrots and cabbage and throw that in with some cornflour. (Also create a vegetarian option, for Heidi, with eggs and corn instead of the pork mix).

Hmmm… I don’t have wonton skins, a rolling pin, or a pasta maker… but that’s alright! I do have flour, an egg, salt, water, and this glass! Presto wonton skins!

Now I just have to draw upon vague childhood memories of making dumplings with my mum (using different styles for meat and vegetarian):

Yay! I feel awesome… and these taste awesome! Although, they are (predictably) much better deep-fried rather than poached or steamed.