Day 17: A potato print

Make a unique print by cutting a potato or sponge, and use it to stamp on a material of your choice

Since today’s focus was on stamping, rather than designing a unique papercraft, I decided to use a paper toy blank. In this case, Walter from

I was in a bit of a rush today (lots of work to do tonight), so I cut a few corners (literally, my paper cutting was pretty rough). I think that it turned out alright though. The important thing is that it got done. 🙂

So here is potato Walter. Let’s call him Ponder. He’s pondering where he came from:

DSCF1042And wonders if it has anything to do with this potato corpse. Little does he know… that potato died so that he could live!


I’m not sure that I would ever choose potato as a medium, but it was interesting to do some print-making again. Top tips:

  1. Use ink, not finger paints (see gallery below, it really didn’t work!)
  2. Don’t use too much ink. Blot most of it off and then do the final print to ensure softer colours and a less bleed.