Dog photos (by request)

One of the nice things about coming back to Perth was seeing my sister’s dogs, Silky and Tipp, again. Walking them around the park across the road is quiet and relaxing (something I don’t remember much of back in Sydney). Too bad most of the time they yap, yap, yap if they aren’t provided with constant attention!

They are both silky terrier crosses and when I left for Sydney a year ago they were rather.. silky. More recently they’ve been given short haircuts and there is a definate improvement in their appearance.

This is Silky. She’s a little older and scared of just about everything.

This is Tipp. She’s much more energetic and seems to think she is at least 500% her actual size. Minh pointed out that she looks a bit like a dog poo when curled up like this. I don’t know… I don’t see it 😛

More photos after the jump.

Every now and then one of the dogs gets up and bothers the other. I think Silky asserts her dominance because Tipp always rolls over straight away.

Waiting for food… patiently.

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