Error propagation

In my suburb every house is issued with two “wheely” bins. One is for general garbage and is a uniform green colour. The other is for recyclables and has a yellow lid. Garbage is collected every week and recycables are collected every fortnight.

It was clearly “garbage night” last night as half the street had their green bins out on the verge when I came home at around 10:30pm. I wasn’t sure if it was a recycling week or not. Nobody had their yellow-topped bins out so it seemed fairly unlikely, but I decided that it was probably worth putting it out just in case.

In the end, it wasn’t recycling week and I just brought the bin back in (still full of paper and cans). That’s when I noticed this:

If that’s not quite clear enough, let me highlight a few things using the magic of the GIMP:

I wanted to walk down to see if this continued down the block, but I didn’t really have the time (or drive to be honest).

One thought on “Error propagation”

  1. That’s similar to the time Ange and I were at the kebab shop, just waiting for our already ordered kebabs, standing sort of near the counter but not a position from where we would stand if ordering. Low and behold shortly after people started queueing behind us. People are sheep.

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