God of Boobies (and War)

I recently picked up God of War for PS2. I was planning on getting it earlier, but then I found out that it was going to be re-released for $29.95 and figured that I could wait it out. (Thank you DVD-Crave pre-order listings!)

I’ll post a mini-review when I am further into the game, but I thought that I might make a quick mention of something that was a little surprising to me given the Office of Film and Literature Classification’s (OFLC) ban of Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude and Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure. Okay, here it is…:

  • There are lots of boobies in this game.

There’s even a menage a trois mini game a la the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Hot Coffee mode hack that resulted in a recall and then re-release with the offending mini-game completely removed. Seriously, there’s two topless women on a bed and you enter a mini-game in which you pleasure them and receive powerups. (The camera moves offscreen, but the audio is there).

The game is also incredibly violent and gory. You can grab an enemy and rip its top half from their bottom half. You perform fatalities such as shoving a massive knife through a minotaur’s head via its screaming mouth. You happily kill innocent bystanders for the health rewards you receive as a result.

I seriously wonder what is up with the OFLC. For Larry and Getting Up to be refused classification and for this game to be deemed appropriate for 15 year olds… illustrates a complete lack of consistency and standards.