Greater Union politics

I was on the Greater Union website today to book movie tickets (which I decided against because they charge a $1 per ticket booking fee!). Anyhow, while looking for ways to get cheaper tickets, I found that I could offset the $1 booking fee with a $1 discount by joining their Cinebuzz club.

The whole “customer loyalty club” thing is usually a way for a business to track your viewing habits and get a hold of your e-mail and street address. Cinebuzz looks no different, but it’s good to see that they had a (very) brief FAQ:

Why do you want my postal address details?
You only need to complete your address details if you want to become a member of the Cinebuzz Club and receive your free Cinebuzz Membership card.

I love the fact that this question was obviously common enough for them to make a remark, but the thing I love more is that the “answer” to the question isn’t really an answer at all. It’s the sort of response a politician would give to an uncomfortable question!

Here’s my suggested correction:

Why do you want my postal address details?
We want to know where you live.