Something is very wrong

Whenever I see an effort like this:

It tells me that something is very wrong.

I actually didn’t know that things were so bad as to warrant this sort of reaction. I voted NO and hope that others do the same. We don’t want to send the message that ignoring our problems – and pretending that everything is fine – is “W.A. Okay”.

Confidence should come from somewhere other than a marketing campaign. It should come from being able to really afford the things that you need, and knowing that your government is tackling problems with the interests of all citizens in mind (rather than pandering to the business sector and investors).

6 thoughts on “Something is very wrong”

  1. Agreed. *Very* wrong. This “campaign” seems to equate money with happiness. The “Glass Half Full” committee (whoever they are) must be a proxy for the Liberal party. I found the video bordering on offensive.

  2. There are some details on the committee listed on their website:

    Mostly media companies (radio, print, and television) and advertising firms.

    They’re probably trying to address a decline in advertising revenue. Looks like two birds with one stone: fill up some free advertising slots, and illustrate benefit of advertising (by assisting potential customers).

  3. It looks and sounds like something you’d expect to see on the Gruen Factor. I voted “no”. Funnily enough, they don’t let you see the results 😛

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