Day 3: Something out of paper, but…

“Make something out of paper, but don’t use scissors, or glue, or draw on it.”

Heidi and I got out the wrapping paper box for this one. We found some party streamers and tried laying them out on the ground in different patterns. I tried to make a face, but even the slightest breeze (ie. from moving my legs) was enough to upset the crepe paper. That and it was going to have to be huge! So I settled for an eye instead.


Here’s an angled shot. It makes it look a bit more… like a cult symbol.

DSCF9468 Afterwards I still wanted to make a face, so I tried my hand at freestyle paper tearing. I started with a normal A4 paper and tried to tear pieces away in order to leave a single piece that looks like a face. Upon reflection, it would have been easier to just tear a bunch of different shapes and then arrange them to form a better-looking face.


Three days in and this creative journal is already teaching me to be less of a perfectionist. I’m not particularly fond of anything that I’ve made so far, but I don’t have enough time to iterate or start again – so it’s been more of an exercise in trying something out, posting it, and then moving on to whatever task awaits tomorrow. Until tomorrow!