Holy crap! (Xbox360 game prices)

Aren’t a bunch of these games available for less money on other platforms (especially PC)?

I guess like petrol prices, it feels a little weird to see 3 figures. I really hope this isn’t a trend for the entire market. Videogames already seem overpriced to me (especially compared to other media such as music and video).

On the other hand, if this is a trend it might expand the smaller (cheaper) games market. Personally I’d be more inclined to put down $20 for a racing game with 4-5 good levels than $100 for a racing game with a hundred mediocre levels. I’d also prefer to spend $60 for a good handheld game than $120 for a good television console game.

2 thoughts on “Holy crap! (Xbox360 game prices)”

  1. I must say this is nothing new, however. I remember when the Sega realeased Virtua Racing for Megadrive (not the 32x version, this one just for MD which had some fancy chip on it) for something like $160. What a piss poor excuse for a game that turned out to be. In such a consumer driven and competitive marked, I can’t see this trend continuing.

  2. Interestingly, the ones over $100 are usually the ones that are available on other systems. What’s with that? Shouldn’t they be cheaper?!

    The 360 exclusives like Perfect Dark Zero, DOA 4, Kameo, etc. are usually below $100 – which seems kinda reasonable to me.

    Weird way to market next gen games……

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