Nintendo DS lite announced!

I was happy to see this on 4colorrebellion today:

Nintendo have formally announced a new version of the DS!

In the comments for that post Hamblasto mentioned that I was pretty close with my reasonable redesign. So I figured that I would try to see how close I actually was. I took my earlier design and made a few modification to get it closer to the Nintendo DS lite. It took around 10-15 minutes.

All-in-all pretty close. The size was just about right. The faceplate was off. The control placement was a little off. I think that the overall aesthetic was about right though.

Larger (but more compressed) image after the jump.

Update: Oops. I’m missing the power and wifi lights on the closed version of the modified reasonable redesign…

Update: I still wish that they had made something similar to the ipod style redesign.

4 thoughts on “Nintendo DS lite announced!”

  1. Well i’m kinda unsure if i should buy this. i alrdy got old ds but wtf i mean they probably r gonna come out with another one, but i still want good features like a damn agenda and shit… good site tho!

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