District 9

I just saw District 9.


It is far and away the best movie that I have seen in a long time.

The most recent trailer is up on YouTube, but embedding is disabled.

Finally, here’s Alive in Joburg, the precursor short film that Neill Blomkamp directed back in 2005:

I feel like a lesser person for not being involved in the production of this film in any way.

3 thoughts on “District 9”

  1. I love Alive in Joburg – with some of the ‘interviews’, it is hard to tell whether they are talking about aliens or it is pre-1990 again and they are talking about apartheid. I will watch District 9 tonight. Do you think it was incredibly clever to pick 1990 South Africa for a sci-fi film or do you think it was 1990 South Africa that inspired the sci-fi?

  2. I watched it, and I believe it is the latter. I think it is so littered with re-imaginings of actual political events that it must have originated from a political concept. This is what real science fiction always used to be (Asimov, Wells, Dick, etc.)

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